3D Printed in Only 24 Hours For Just $10,000

3D printing is quickly becoming one of the most widely used manufacturing processes in a variety of industries such as clothing and medicine. The ability to have 3D printers, or automated machines, create objects by using computer 3D-rendered models has many advantages, including increased precision and the automation of manufacturing many items, which now includes homes. Apis Cor. is a Russian company that has developed a mobile 3D printer and process that created a home in less than 24 hours at a cost of $275 per square meter. The total cost for the home including labor, materials and furnishing came out to $10,134.00 USD.

The home made in Stupino town — a region near Moscow, Russia — is equipped with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and a hallway. The home was made on-site by using a mobile printer. It is the world’s first 3D-printed building constructed in a small amount of time. Apis Cor. was able to reduce the costs of previous methods by over 70 percent in the production of the home.


The process is as automated as possible and begins by placing the 3D printer in the center of the site where it rotates, placing concrete in layers to create the walls of the home. Once the walls are made, a crane manipulator removes the mobile printer in order to allow manual workers to come in and finish the job. This includes installing the windows and electronics, as well as painting the outside of the home. Apis Cor. hopes to partner with contractors worldwide to continue the advancement of greener construction methods.

By Efrain Esparza, ESG Writer


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