SKYLINYL: Vinyl Art Made From Recycled Records

While most of us today can’t remember the last time we used a record player, there are millions of records out there that were once made to satisfy the world’s craving for music. Vinyl records may be making a comeback amongst some audiophiles, but many of them are now collecting dust in storage or waiting for their trip to landfills.

One innovative artist, Shawn McClure, has taken up the challenge of repurposing old damaged or unwanted records into beautiful works of art through a successfully funded campaign on Kickstarter. The Skylinyl is a new medium that features designs from iconic city skylines to musicians and bands. For the avid music enthusiasts, these are great pieces of art to hang up in their homes or in their businesses.

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The Skylinyl comes in two sizes and styles that feature different aspects of the possibilities for the new art medium. The 12” x 12” size is a single Vinyl design that is framed in a Matte Black 12” x 12” frame. The 20” x 20” size features a 3-D design made with 4 Vinyl layers that is framed in a Matte Black 20”x 20” frame. Both sizes and styles involve intricate craftsmanship and there is neither assembly nor tools required to mount the piece of art. The Skylinyl art piece needs no maintenance and the piece lasts forever, making good use of old damaged or unwanted records and keeping them out of our landfills. The Skylinyl is now available for purchase through their Indiegogo campaign with the 12”x 12” costing $89 and the 20” x 20” costing $189.

By Efrain Esparza, ESG Writer


OSOM: The World’s First Upcycled Socks

FeaturedOSOM: The World’s First Upcycled Socks

Did you know that the United States generates up to 21 billion pounds of textile waste that ends up in landfills every year? OSOM brand socks are aiming to reduce the amount of textile waste that goes to landfills by creating a premium sustainable, zero waste, zero water, upcycled pair of socks out of upcycled denim and other articles of clothing. OSOM socks are made from reprocessed denim and old clothes that would otherwise go to our landfills and remove the need for new fibers and materials to be made into socks.

Upcycling is a great process that both diverts waste from landfills and generates raw materials that replaces the virgin materials that would require more natural resources. The idea of Upcycling comes from the concept that items that would otherwise be viewed as waste can become a technical nutrient in a closed loop system where it circulates in a cycle of production, recovery and remanufactured.

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There is neither a toxic process nor toxic waste produced as a result of making the OSOM brand socks, and it is ethically produced in Guatemala. This product is one of the most sustainable options in socks available. OSOM socks rock and you can get your pair now by pledging $10 or more on their Kickstarter.

By Efrain Esparza, ESG Writer